It all began during my first African horseback safari back in 2011 – a truly pivotal experience that inspired me to make a series of life-changing decisions.

Over the years that followed my trip, I resigned from my job as a marketing manager with an international management consultancy, gave up my flat in Germany, and moved to Africa to fulfil a lifelong ambition I had previously considered impossible: to qualify as an official safari guide. In 2014, after several arduous yet awe-inspiring months in the African bush, my dream became a reality.

Since then, my life has been guided by safari spirit, and I travel the world on a quest for new adventures and creative marketing solutions for my clients.


While on my world travels, I occasionally come across places that make me feel especially at home, places that compel me to stop and linger. These homes from home include a quaint village on the tiny East Frisian island of Baltrum, the beautiful city of Porto in northern Portugal and, of course, the wondrous African bush.


I am passionate about developing and implementing holistic marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises, and regularly assume the role of marketing manager for my clients. This role can take on many formats: remote or on-site, long-term or project-based.


If there is one thing that drives me, it is my deep desire for personal freedom and new adventure, as shown by my fascination for spontaneous travel into the unknown, unusual athletic pursuits and outside-the-box projects. And, indeed, I feel that my goal-oriented and enthusiastic approach to new professional challenges – something I pride myself on greatly – is born out of just this.


Discovering the natural world on horseback has always been one of my greatest joys. However, since 2016, you’re more likely to find me in a different kind of saddle. Triathlons are my new passion, and my racing bike therefore my regular travelling companion.